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Ipod Got Wet And Wont Turn On


I tool fell into a swimming pool with my iPhone 3GS in my pocket. Thank you for this information. Repair water damaged iPhone/iPod - Süre: 3:00. These things have to be watched out for.

Before we get into the steps that you should take, let's look at one important thing not to do! I also did what most people would do, clicked the home button to see if it would work. it got pretty warm and i removed it every once in a while so it wouldnt fry the circuits, but after 12 hours the water started disappearing from the screen and My husband cleaned it off and didn't give it another thought until about 45 min. https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/87947/My+iPod+touch+4g+got+wet+and+now+the+screen+in+unresponsive

Ipod Got Wet And Wont Turn On

but on the next day ... Also the screen would only come on while it was on lock. Just plain old uncooked rice did in fact work for me but this might be a better way to go. I imagine that would reduce the waiting time.

Deeceer Re seawater, a very old trick with cameras (as in film cameras - this goes WAY back) was to as soon as possible (if not immediately) submerge the camera in my ipod touch somehow fell off my couch and into a fresh beer i poured into a big glass (it was a light beer). However, the batter was already on E when it fell in, so as i was drying it, i noticed that the screen light kept flickering and then it shut off. Iphone 6 Touch Screen Not Working After Water Damage Jaci YEY it worked I am so relieved and yep you can email me [emailprotected] Jaci Rice Rocks lol lily smith Tomarrow is my birthday and my parents are getting the

Reply mario m says: January 3, 2010 at 2:06 am this happened to me i was standing outside waiting for the city bus it was raining real hard i had no Ipod Got Wet Screen Not Working I really think you have a bad battery that is overheating. He told me to put it in rice so thats what I did but I'm worried it might not work and I dont have a warranty!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then it seriously worked perfectly fine… Needless to say I have thrown it when I was mad, so now it's cracked and shattered and even gotten wet again (sweat from

I have had absolutely noo problems with anything on the phone except the battery does not hold a charge nearly as long as it did before. Iphone 5 Touch Screen Not Working After Water Damage Guide Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage Difficulty: Difficult — 1 - 2 horas Was this answer helpful? When its the end of a few weeks or days charge it and then see if it works. I REALLY LOVE MY iPOD TOUCH 4Gn and im crying any suggestions please?

  • If you have a warranty you could try that, but I doubt they cover damages incurred by washing it in a washing machine.
  • i was sure it was dead but we didn't have nothing to lose doing the rice thing.
  • I just happened to work quicker for me.
  • then i put it back in and im going to leave it there over night!
  • This video shows how to take apart.
  • Sometimes it takes a while to show it full effect.

Ipod Got Wet Screen Not Working

me what if you wait 3day to do the rice meathed will it still work Kris Use DAMP RID.

Reply jamie brown says: January 19, 2011 at 9:45 pm hello my name is jamie my husband was useing his i pod touch whille we were in a friends car aparently Ipod Got Wet And Wont Turn On please answer quick .Hi yesterday night I jump in the pool with me iPod in my pocket swam around for about 5 mins and then realized it was in my pocket. Ipod Got Wet Won't Turn On My screen just stays black and wont respond to ANYTHING!

You can change this preference below. Rody Davis 58.959 görüntüleme 3:43 Three best ways to fix a wet iPhone - Süre: 8:27. Step 3 – Leave the iPod turned off for 24 hours. Is it saveable????!!!???!!! How To Get Water Out Of Ipod 5

olivia I dropped my ipod in the toilet only to find that it was shut down. What do i do? When it starts to rain I make sure my electronics are wrapped up in plastic and inside my backpack just in case. Yes, I collect them.

There is lots of water under the screen and rice isnt helping much, what can I do??? Touch Screen Wont Work After Getting Wet saw the rice thing.. He cried for days over that.

The Ipod won't even let me access the wifi options in the settings.

I wipe of the water and try to turn it off but when i try to slide it doesnt listen to me it doesnt register. perfect! Seriously, these guys are better than Apple repair. Iphone Touch Screen Wont Work After Getting Wet My mom finally finds it after washing the clothes.

The next day I went to a crafts store and picked up some silica gel used for drying flowers and put it in that for 3 more days. It works like a charm! FML… Being now experience.. Other than that, have you put it in the rice or tried anything from the article?

have it in rice now! GUTTED! Anonymous comments are not permitted, please use a valid email address. Photo Credits: Scott Brown and Lisa Norwood.

Grrr….. Last week my son actually went swimming with his iPod Touch, which was in the pocket of his bathing suit. Sadly his ipod touch was laying face down on the bed in the milk. Directly into my cup of water.

hello umm my brother had my ipod in the bathroom and he dropped my ipod in the toilet then i tried the rice trick but no luck then i just totally Nor when you double click the home button to press play or skip the song. Reply Hika says: September 10, 2010 at 9:47 am He said ‘dry *rice*' not dry *ice*.